Monday, January 7, 2013

Hi, remember me?

It feels like FOREVER since I posted. It has been forever. Well, the holidays are over and it's time to get back into a routine. I'll tell you, that's tough after some time off. I had chosen today as the day to start writing again and I found irony in the fact that I was at the rec center writing. I had taken my son to basketball practice and found a comfy place to relax and write. While penning some words, I looked around and saw hundreds of people who were jogging, lifting weights, dancing, playing ball, rock climbing, and all sorts of other stuff. I hadn't set a resolution to go to the gym this year, but thought, "hey, this is cool. I'm at the gym and I'm writing. Two goals in one." If I had run a lap on the track or something, I'd be doing really great.
Anyway, it feels great to be writing again and I've enjoyed getting back into the stories I've created. I think the challenge this year will be to stay focused on one project at a time. There's so many ideas in my head right now that I'm having a hard time concentrating. It's a good thing, I guess. I just don't want to be left with a dozen unfinished works at the end of the year. It's not fair to anyone, least of all those of you who are waiting for book three of the STONE PORTALS series. My goal is to have that book out by summer. It's written--has been for over six months. The book just needs final revisions and edits.
My current project is writing book 4. I've outlined it pretty well, so getting the words down should be easy.
A few admissions: 1) If I follow your blog, I haven't read it in about 4 months. Sorry. I've been busy. I'll renew my reading on a regular basis now. 2) If you follow my tweets, you've noticed I've been fairly quiet. I have more time to tweet now, so look out! 3) I wrote this zombie book last summer that I can't stop thinking about. I really want to polish it up and see if anyone will pick it up. Since this blog isn't about the zombie book, I won't say much, but--it's freakin' awesome! It's mainstream and different, and quirky, and all the things a zombie book should be. I'll try not to mention it too often here, since I should be working on the faerie books, but I had to say something about it. There, I did.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I'll post every week again and should have more interesting things to share next time. Until then, happy reading!